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A Sunday Ethno Market combines the traditions of North-east Bulgaria every week in Mall Varna

A Sunday Ethno Market combines the traditions of North-east Bulgaria every week in Mall Varna

From 17th of May, every Sunday, at 10:00 – 18:00, The Market of Mall Varna

After the Farmers' Market held on Saturday, the ones who love Bulgarian tradition will have the chance to feel the authentic spirit of the Bulgarian North-east. Starting from 17th of May, every Sunday the Ethno Market will introduce the traditional crafts, specific foods and recipes and the ethnography and folklore of the municipalities within the region of Varna, Dobrich, Silistra and Shumen to the residents and guests of the sea capital.

Visitors will have the chance to see and buy hand-made items made of authentic fabric - textile and knitting, which every Bulgarian woman used to make for home use through the ages. Craftsmen will demonstrate in makeshift workshops processing of cast iron, how our grandmothers used to make rugs, carpets and non-woven fabrics - felt and visitors will have the chance to touch unique ceramic objects, woodcarving, icons, leather objects and other objects of the ancient crafts.

Local producers will offer tasting of products and foods traditional for the Bulgarian cuisine to the guests of the shopping centre, such as cow, sheep and buffalo cheese, flat sausage, biltong and a variety of deli foods from the cuisine of the region. Vivid ethnographic corners will present the abundance and variety of North-east Bulgaria's traditional culture and the authentic atmosphere will be supplemented by ancient objects from the everyday life and furniture of Bulgarians from the past and by a folklore programme, presenting authentic folk songs, dances and customs from the respective ethnographic region. Municipalities will also take part in the Sunday Ethno Market with presentations of the cultural, historical, natural and tourist landmarks that can be seen on their territories.


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