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Letters Parade in Mall Varna

Letters Parade in Mall Varna

24th of May, 13:00 h, central lobby

Mall Varna will gather the children of the city for the traditional Parade of Letters on one of the greatest Bulgarian holidays – the day of the Slavonic alphabet.  All kids attending primary school in Varna can participate in the parade with their own hand-made letters, made of different materials and decorated based on the participants' imagination. The letters can be shaped like crowns, armour, hats or simply cut and decorated with different colours or additional details.

The Parade of Letters will start at 1 pm on 24th of May and the young followers of the Saints Cyril and Methodius will march at the central lobby of the shopping centre. The most attractive and original letters will receive special awards. Registration for participation is open before the event and on the day of the event at the Information desk or via e-mail: info@mallvarna.bg.


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