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Star Wars Show and City Halloween Parade in Mall Varna on October 31

Star Wars Show and City Halloween Parade in Mall Varna on October 31

A memorable Halloween celebration awaits visitors to Mall Varna on the last day of October. Vampires and zombies, fairies and princesses, fairy-tale and film characters will invade the shopping center to take part in the traditional City Halloween parade. By the end of the festive procession the shopping center will be transformed into a setting for the characters of the cult film saga Star Wars.

The fun will start even before the parade: at 3.30 pm there will be a fashion show featuring young models from among the autumn graduates of the school for children models. The parade of the fans of horror entertainment will start at 5.30 pm under the baton of the actors from the Puppet Theatre in Varna Krassimir Dobrev and Galin Ginev, and anybody will be able to join in without restrictions as to age or the characters they impersonate.


From 7.30 pm all visitors of Mall Varna will witness the unique Star Wars Show "Return of the DJedi." Darth Vader, Yoda, the Imperial storm trooper, Chewbacca and DJ Dina Solo themselves will unleash on stage dressed in original costumes from the Lucasfilm production. Four unique dancers will play the roles of the popular characters from the cult saga "Star Wars", one of them being Metin Enimehmedov, the winner of the Dance With Me show and crowd favorite from Bulgaria's Got Talent.

Break dance, fighting with laser swords, acrobatic tricks, magic and whatnot will be included in the show preceding the premiere of Episode VII of the film epic. The show will be performed at the background of music selected and composed especially on the theme of Star Wars. And after the end of the "star wars" the five characters will join the audience for photos with fans and autographs.

Just like every year, this year again the organizers and the outlets in the shopping center will shower surprises and attractive prizes on the participants in the City Halloween parade in the competitions for the most fearsome costume, the best made pumpkin lantern, the youngest participant and many other categories. To help those who want to impress the panel of judges with a chilling look, a stand selling costumes and "vampire" accessories will again be open on the ground floor of Mall Varna. On October 29 and 30 will a Workshop for Halloween surprises will also open doors. In it children and guests will be able to craft a mask or to carve a pumpkin lantern for the celebration with the help of designers and carving craftsmen.

Just before the parade, from 1 pm to 5.30 pm on October 31, talented students of fashion and fashion management from the Chernorisets Hrabar Free University will make up all participants in the carnival parade for free in the main lobby of Mall Varna.

After 21 hours the festival will continue on the fourth floor of Mall Varna with a Devil‘s Halloween party at Playground. The "nightmare" music selections and DJ Ivo Himchev will transmit the fearsome mood to all participants. The hosts have prepared a suitable gift for all guests – a vampire syringe with  Bloody Mary. The visitor with the most attractive outfit, the best couple and the most attractive group of party-goers will get prizes. Admission to the Devil's party is free!

This year again Mall Varna has organized an online competition for the most impressive look among the participants in the City Halloween parade. The pictures of all participants in the competition will be presented in a special album on the Facebook page of Mall Varna from November 2 to November 8. The three pictures which attract the most likes will win attractive prizes.


October 29, 30, main lobby
16:30 – 18:30: Workshop for Halloween surprises

October 31, main lobby:
13:00 - 18:00: Free make-up
15:30: Gala fashion show of the School for Children Models
17:30: Competitions for the most fearsome costume, the best pumpkin lantern, the youngest participant and other catagories
19:30: Special Stars Wars Halloween Show  "The Return Of The DJedi"
21:00: Devil’s Halloween party at Playground, floor 4