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Farmers’ Market - extra Christmas “edition”

Farmers’ Market - extra Christmas “edition”

19-20 December, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, The Market at Mall Varna

Every Saturday in December, the producers from the Farmers’ market will welcome those who like healthy and natural food and products at The Market of Mall Varna. Just before the Christmas holidays, however, they will invite the citizens and guests of Varna to a Christmas Farmers’ Market.

The market will be held for two days – on December 19 and 20 and it will be open for longer hours than usual, until 8:00 pm. At the market you will find family producers and farmers from the region, craftsmen, hobby and art makers, workshops, ateliers, musicians and many interesting meetings will happen. The invitation from the organisers says: “If you value home-made, hand-made, genuine, creative products made slowly with a lot of effort and if you prefer all this to the rapidly purchased plastic toys and decorations, you are welcome to join us!”

This Christmas, the special farmers’ market will also support a social cause by helping the children from the social kitchen at 7a Drava Sobolch St. , Varna.