Mall Varna Club Card with discounts and incentives for students

Обратно на училище

For all school and university students Mall Varna has prepared 1000 special club cards with attractive discounts and incentives to be used in some of your favorite stores, cafes and restaurants at the Mall: Playground, Capella Play, KFC, Subway, OLA, GEOX, Garcia , Perfection, optician’s Leonardo and pharmacy Subra.

You can get the Club Card at the Information Desk upon presentation of cash receipt/s showing purchase/s worth more than 20 BGN made at any of the retail outlets or bars and restaurants in Mall Varna within the period 1 September to 31 December 2016. Each card has a unique number and is valid for the school year 2016/2017.

An easy registration of the card made at the designated section on the Mall Varna homepage allows you to participate in a draw for prizes and receive interesting information about activities in the shopping mall throughout the school year. The big prize in the draw is the latest model electric scooter Hoverboard, as well as many other prizes awaiting you.

The terms of use of the club card are published below!



I. Campaign Organizer

The campaign is organized and conducted by the shopping and entertainment complex Mall Varna, city of Varna, 186 Vladislav Varnenchik blvd. ("Campaign Organizer").

Participants in the campaign must observe the Official Rules given below.

The Campaign Organizer reserves the right to amend and supplement the Official Rules. Any changes will take effect after they have been published on the website

The Official Rules will be publicly available and accessible for the entire period of the campaign at

II. Duration of the campaign

The campaign will last from September 1, 2016 until September 14, 2017.

III. Place of the campaign

The campaign is organized and conducted on the premises of Mall Varna.

IV. How it works

From  September 1 until  December 3, 2016, every customer who makes purchase/s worth over 20.00 BGN can get a student club card with discounts and incentives for school and university students at the more popular establishments in the Mall. The campaign will be active while stocks last.

Each card has a unique number and is valid for the 2016/2017 school year. Each student can get a club card upon presentation of cash receipt for purchases over the amount specified above and identity card and student’s book.  Mall Varna EAD is the issuer and owner of the cards. The student club card is not a bank card. The discounts and incentives the card entitles to apply only to the specified establishments in Mall Varna.

The registration of the card at the specially designated place on the website of Mall Varna,, entitles its holder to participate in the draw for the big Hoverboard scooter prize, and other merchandise gifts. By registering the card its holder also agrees to receive current information on developments in the Mall in the form of a personal letter addressed to the e-mail address indicated in the registration form. The winners in the draw will be determined randomly on October 28.

Important: Each participant in the campaign may register only one card. Upon registration of two or more cards by a single person this person will be disqualified from participating in the draw.

Description of discounts and incentives:

Playground – 100% bonuses / double credits for all video and arcade games. Example: you pay 10 BGN and get credit for 20 BGN.

Capella Play Children's Center – 50% discount of the price of the subscription card;

KFC – 10% discount on all box menus, buckets and standard menus;

SUBWAY – 10% off all non-promotional food and beverage. This discount does not apply to sandwiches in promotion!

Bistro OLA – 10% off all non-promotional food and beverage.

Optician’s Leonardo – 35% discount on all models prescription frames and lenses; 35% discount on sunglasses from the new collection.

GEOX – 10% discount on all goods not on seasonal promotion or discount.

GARCIA – 15% discount on goods not on discount or promotion.

Perfection (child and adolescent shoes) – 5% discount.

Pharmacy Subra – 5% discount for OTC medicine, nutritional supplements and dermocosmetics.

V. Types of Prizes

The big prize in the draw is the latest model Hoverboard.

Additional prizes:

- Mall Varna Notebook and pen (80 pcs.)
- Memory Stick (20 pcs.)
- Backpacks (20 pcs.)
- A set of 4 folders with button (30 pcs.)

The list of participants who received prizes will be published in the "News" section on the website of Mall Varna on 28 October 2016.

VI. Procedure for receiving the prizes

All winners will receive a personally addressed letter on the e-mail address indicated in the registration form. The prizes will be handed out at the Information Desk within 7 working days from the date on which they were won. Persons under 18 will receive their prizes only in the presence of their parent/legal guardian.

VII. Right to participate

The campaign is open to all school or university students, or their parents or friends, who have made purchase/s in the Mall worth over 20.00 BGN.

VIII. Publicity

The participants give their express consent for the Campaign Organizer to process the personal data provided by them and agree that in the event they win a prize their names and photos could become public and be used in materials of the Campaign Organizer, without payment from the Campaign Organizer.

IX. Campaign End

The Campaign Organizer has the right to terminate the campaign at any time in force majeure events or in cases of abuse or violation of the Official Rules. This right is irrevocable. If the campaign is terminated for any such reason the Campaign Organizer will not be liable for compensation to participants.

X. Disputes

Any disputes between the Campaign Organizer and participants will be resolved by mutual agreement. In the event that such agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.

The Official Rules of the campaign will be available on the official website of the campaign on for the duration of the campaign.

More information can be obtained on telephone number 0700 13111.

By participating in the campaign the participants agree to the Official Rules.

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