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Love and Wine Festival in Mall Varna

Love and Wine Festival in Mall Varna
February 11, 12.00 to 16.00 h at the Market in Mall Varna

In line with the tradition, Mall Varna and the Association of Sommeliers and Wine Connoisseurs in Varna organize for locals and tourists the Love and Wine Festival. On February 11, Saturday, along with the Farmer's Market, the Market of Mall Varna will become the meeting place of representatives of some of the most recognized and established wineries from all over Bulgaria.

The festival guests will have the opportunity to taste the best samples of the production of Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar, Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar, Nisovo; Varna Winery, Villa Justina, Chateau Copsa, Alvina Winery, wines from all over the world from the collection of the Za Vino shop, as well as exotic cocktails mixed by the virtuoso bartenders of Cheers bars.

Visitors will enjoy a wide range of gourmet delicacies and specialties prepared by the renowned local chefs from Sky Catering, and choose a gift for their beloved ones from the stands with unique pieces crafted by masters of applied arts.

The talented musicians from La Migra will take care of the good mood of everyone present.

Free entrance to the Love and Wine Festival!


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