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The annual racing prizes "Varna" will be awarded for the 14th time

The annual racing prizes
January 28th, 4 pm, Indoor market

On the last Sunday of January, once again, the masters of the steering wheel and high speed in Varna will compete with their achievements over the past year and the most prominent pilots will get awards. The holder of the title Car Racer No. 1 of the Sea Capital will be announced on January 28th, when the 14th annual car racing prizes Varna 2017 will be awarded. The Market of Mall Varna EAD will again host the official ceremony, which starts at 4 pm.

The Sea Capital is the only city in Bulgaria with its own car racing awards. Apart from the big prize for the top pilot, who will triumph with the Cup of the City's No. 1 Racer, the organizers from Neptun Motorport, Auto Moto Retro Club - Varna, UBA and Varna Municipality have prepared many more cups and diplomas to be awarded to racers from different racing disciplines. Traditionally, there will also be prizes for the winners in the retro car races.


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