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Summer Drift Show Varna 2018

Summer Drift Show Varna 2018
At the end of this summer, Varna will once again host the spectacular drift show Summer Drift Show Varna 2018. Organized by the Drift Club Bulgaria (DCB), there will be attractive demonstrations in a “the-Fast-and-the-Furious” style. The show’s host will be the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD for the second time after 2012.

On September 13, Thursday, from 19:00 (7:00 PM) till 20:00 (8:00 PM) eight drivers, who are European and domestic drift champions from Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia, will demonstrate their skills at the outdoor parking lot of the complex. Participating in the demonstrations will be automobiles under the BMW and Nissan brands, with horsepower ranging from 330 to 600 hp!

Most people think of drifting as a violent-and-uncontrollable style of driving; spinning cars, covered with dense smoke and smell of automobile tires. Some people call this style of driving “controlled craziness”. In practice, drifting draws on the most interesting and spectacular aspects of standard automobile races, mixing them up in an extraordinary spectacle. This is a technique that has grown into a new type of an automobile sport, converting one’s full control over their car into an art form and a supreme driving experience.

Few people know that drifting was a technique used back in the 1930s by the Grand Prix drivers. The masterful four-wheel pirouettes achieved their greatest popularity during the 1970s, in the Japanese automobile championship.

To make every fan of adrenaline happy, The Summer Drift Show Varna 2018 may be attended FREE OF CHARGE, and from 16:00 (4 PM) till 17:00 (5 PM) the most enthusiastic fans may get autographs and take photos with the drivers, who will participate in the show.

Participants in the Summer Drift Show Varna 2018:

1.    Hristiyan Angelov (Pleven, Bulgaria) – BMW E30 M5 – 330 hp – 2nd Place in King of Europe Street Legal (in 2013).
2.    Stefan Petrov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) – BMW E30 V8 Compressor – 450 hp – 3rd Place in Bulgaria in 2012.
3.    Pavlin Penev (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) – BMW E30 7.6 LSX – 600 hp – European drifting champion in King of Europe Pro 2 in 2015, and 2nd place in King of Europe Pro 2 in 2017.
4.    Kiril Iliev (Varna, Bulgaria) – BMW E36 2.8 Turbo – 500 hp – 2nd Place in a drifting race in Varna in 2012.
5.    Stefan Stefanov (Dobrich, Bulgaria) – Nissan S13 V8 Turbo – 500 hp – two-times champion of Bulgaria in 2015 and 2017; champion of Romania in 2016.
6.    Krasimir Stefanov (Varna, Bulgaria) – Nissan S13 2JZ – 470 hp – three-times champion of Bulgaria in 2010, in 2011, and in 2012.
7.    Igor Stevanovic (Serbia) – BMW E46 2.8 Turbo – 400 hp – champion of Serbia in 2016.
8.    Vlad Stanescu (Romania) – BMW E30 V8 Turbo – 560 hp – third place in the Romanian drifting championship in 2015.


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