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Art installations contest made out of waste materials, subject to recycling

Art installations contest made out of waste materials, subject to recycling
On the occasion of the Earth Day, with the co-operation of the Municipality of Varna, Mall Varna is organizing a contest, centered on the topic of “New Life for the Unnecessary Things”. Children and young people from Varna and the region, aged between 7 and 29 years, may enter the contest. For this purpose, they ought to present objects and/or art installations, made out of waste materials, and old, out-of-use things from everyday life.

People may participate in groups or individually with maximum 3 art projects, and the works must fulfill the following requirements:

- They have to be made out of at least 80% recyclable or waste materials – e.g., straws, bottles, beverage cans, small cups or bags, cutlery, caps, old shoes, toys, etc.; and they may contain elements of paintings, collages, sculptures, and lost and found items.
- They have to be appropriately sized, and to be transportable.
- They must not have sharp/cutting edges, or any sharp objects.
- They must be firm, not fall apart, be weather-proof, be able to stand on their own, and be easily movable by one person.

Final deadline to submit works: April 18th (Thursday).

Works must be submitted to the Info Desk in Varna Mall, together with a Handover Record, with which participants will obtain their Incoming Number.

All works should contain information regarding their creator or creators: name or names, age, educational institution or other institution, telephone number, and a contact e-mail.

The results from the contest will be made public on April 22nd, at 5:30 PM, when the exhibition featuring all the works will be open.

The art works will be assessed by an expert jury, based on the following criteria:

- Effective use of waste materials
- Originality and creativeness
- Innovativeness
- The presentation as a whole

From April 22nd till April 30th, all works will be presented in the common areas of the Shopping Center. The first three winners will be given a statuette, non-monetary prizes, and gift cards for the following amounts: 500 BGN for the First Place, 300 BGN for the Second Place, and 100 BGN for the Third Place. All of the remaining participants will be given certificates for making successful presentations.

Participants should take their art works back by May 8th. The shopping center is not responsible for their storage after that date.

The aim of this contest is to direct young people’s attention to the problems, which are endangering the future of the Earth, by provoking their creative thinking.

For more information regarding participation in the contest, you may contact info@varnamall.bg and call 070013111.


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