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Celebrate May 24th in Capella Play with a mission

Celebrate May 24th in Capella Play with a mission

On the eve of the day to celebrate the Slavonic alphabet, Capella Play | Varna Mall challenges children and parents.

"Let's make May 24th better for everyone," is the appeal coming from the kids' favorite games and entertainment center! Capella Play invites everyone on the Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius to bring a book that their children have already read, and to receive a new one in exchange. All collected books will be donated to the Home for Medical and Social Care for Children in Varna, for the needs of the children who live there.

Capella Play's young guests will be able to enjoy many games and presents on May 24th. They will search for words, solve crossword puzzles, and sing Bulgarian songs together.

The start is at 4 pm. Sign up for the celeblation either at 0700 359 09 or at Capella Play.


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