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The great welcoming of Santa Claus: a festive celebration for children

The great welcoming of Santa Claus: a festive celebration for children

Ho-Ho-Ho! Winter is coming, and now is the time for holidays and lo-o-ots of presents!

This year, once again, Varna Mall will be where the marine tour of Santa Claus will start. Let’s welcome him on the 2nd of December, as the expected landing of the “winged” sleigh will happen around 18:00 (6:00 PM).

As tradition holds, the favorite person of all kids will “land” on the roof of the Shopping Center, and then come down from it with a bag full of presents for the children, who will be watching him. In 2019, the day for the great welcoming of Santa Claus is December 2nd, Monday.

This fun celebration in honor of our dear guest will start at 18:00 (6:00 PM) by the Festive Christmas-Tree, the Sugar House, and the dancing bear cubs at the fabulous corner with lots of Christmas sweets, located at the Central Foyer of Varna Mall. There will be, as usual, many games with surprises and awards for the children, who will have come to welcome the long-awaited guest. Naturally, there will be treats for everyone, handed out by Santa Claus.

The white-bearded old man will stay in Varna Mall until the end of the year, so that all kids may get the chance to take a picture with him at the Christmas corner. And, each photo, taken by the “Official Photographer” of Santa Claus, ensures participation for the online photo competition “Smile with Santa Claus” on the Facebook page of Varna Mall.


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