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Become a Star with Varna Mall § Terani Couture and Win a Voucher for a Formal Dress Worth 1000 BGN

Become a Star with Varna Mall § Terani Couture and Win a Voucher for a Formal Dress Worth 1000 BGN

Are you dreaming of a splendid dress, similar to those of the movie stars walking on the Red Carpet? You don’t have to be in Hollywood or Cannes in order to overshadow global celebrities. With the brilliant collections by the American brand Terani Couture, each lady gets the chance to become a star.

Join Varna Mall’s spring challenge and get the chance to make you dream come true!

From March 16th till April 16th, 2020, all ladies wishing to join the campaign, will participate in the raffle for the Big Award – namely, a voucher worth 1000 BGN for the purchase of a formal dress from Terani Couture’s shop in Varna Mall.

On March 28th and 29th, as well as on April 11th and 12th, the participant ladies may try on some of the formal outfits of Terani Couture, available in the shop. In a special room in the Shopping Center, there will be styling and make-up photo shoots. Make-up artists and hair stylists from the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design, guided by Albena Sveshtarova, will make sure each lady gets the perfect make-up and haircut, according to the outfit that she has chosen. In a stylishly arranged area of the shop, professional photographers will be giving away photo shoots to the participant ladies.

The Big Award – a voucher worth 1000 BGN, will be drawn on a random basis, and photographs of all ladies participating in the campaign will be published on Varna Mall’s FaceBook page.

The lady present in the photograph that has earned the biggest amount of likes will win a SPA weekend trip for two people in the Spa Hotel Number 1 for 2018 – Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, as well as the chance to appear on the front page of the Summer Edition of the Shopping Center’s catalogue.

There will be many other special awards for the rest of the participants in the starry race.

In order to become part of the challenge by Varna Mall § Terani Couture, it is sufficient that you fill in the brief application form at the Help Desk, as well as a participant counterfoil for the raffle for the Big Award!


Terani Couture is a global fashion brand for ladies’ evening wear and designer dresses. Founded in 1990 in one of the capitals of fashion – New York, the brand is renowned for the design of its “special dresses for special, brilliant and refined occasions”. Its designer cuts are sought by many famous and influential ladies, who often appear in the spotlight. Whether you are looking for the perfect prom dress, opera dress, or a formal dress, you will always be clad in elegancy and class with Terani Couture’s designs.


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