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China Express

China Express


If you want to eat something tasty, exotic and different after an exhausting shopping trip, the right place is China Express! Here you will enjoy the aromatic Chinese dishes freshly prepared by our chefs and served with a smile.


You can choose between different types of main and side dishes, and take advantage of our bargain offers – CHINA MIX! Make your own unique combination of one, two or three main dishes from our menu list with a side of your choice and enjoy the exotic East at a lower price.


Among the main courses we offer are tender veal with fresh broccoli, Chicken Mandarin, Chicken Kung Pao, Sichuan pork, Chicken Orange, pork with bamboo and steamed mushrooms, chicken in sweet and sour sauce. Any of them can be topped with delicious Chinese noodles, steamed rice, rice with vegetables or three types of Chinese mushrooms and a mix of steamed vegetables.


Do not miss the opportunity to try a new and different main course, which will be available in our menu for a certain period of time and will further satisfy your taste preferences to Chinese cuisine, which you can enjoy on the premises or take away. Be our guests!

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