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Cantonata Express

Cantonata Express


The irresistible and inimitable taste of Italian pizza found its way from the streets of Rome to Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД) with the opening of the newest pizzeria of the CANTONATA – EXPRESS chain. Oven baked, with a thin, crispy crust with air bubbles inside that make the dough light and airy, this pizza is unlike any of the already-known pizzas in terms of appearance, taste, and even method of preparation – the innovative technology of a rotating tray oven for better and more uniform baking of the crust.

The combination of tomato paste with oregano, the rich stuffing of quality products covered with steaming, melting mozzarella, complemented by fresh salads and tempting desserts, will immerse you in a new world of flavors – the world of CANTONATA - EXPRESS

Cantonata Express Cantonata Express Cantonata Express
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  • Floor: 3
  • Number: 111