Health & Beauty Festival - Second Day

11. May 2012
Health & Beauty Festival - Second Day
Health & Beauty Festival 
11 May

14:00 The City in Me - a Photographic exhibition in support of a project for the construction of a home for the elderly, Varna Free University 
15:00 Do not put salt in your health – a campaign of the Regional Health Inspectorate, Ministry of Health 
16:00 Spa & Wellness: Anti-stress and energizing treatment using natural products - Contour Outline 
17.00 Selection of treatments and products with magical effects on the skin - Day Spa Beauty Academy 
18.00 Spelt - Solar food for health, happiness and beauty - Dr. Tanya Grandeva
19:00 Current knowledge of the salty - sweet poison glutamate aspartame and why we need to eliminate it from our diet - Elenko Angelov, psychologist 
What is the alternative to food containing glutamate and aspartame? - Elena Terzieva, managing director of