24 May: Alphabet Parade

14. May 2012
24 May: Alphabet Parade
Alphabet Parade, 24 May - 13.00, ground floor

On one of the most glorious holidays of the calendar, a thematic celebration with a lot of songs, dances, games, prizes and surprises will take place in Mall Varna.
To honour the holiday, celebrated traditionally in the commercial centre with a colourful festival, pupils from schools in Varna, as well as children from the pre-school groups in the city, will march with hand-made letters created by them, made of different materials at their choice. 
The letters can be in the shape of crowns, chain armours, hats or just cut out and decorated in different colours and additional details. The best works and the most creative ideas will be granted special awards in three categories: most colourful print, master’s work of art and most environmental-friendly letter (using recycled, reused or other types of materials at the participants’ choice). 
The parade of letters will take place at the central lobby on the ground floor. Registration for participation in the different categories can be made before the event or on the same day, at the Information Desk or at e-mail: