Minerals from Rhodope Mountains for water treatment, spelt bread and golden root from the Ural – hits on the Health and Beauty Festival in Varna

13. May 2012
Minerals from Rhodope Mountains for water treatment, spelt bread and golden root from the Ural – hits on the Health and Beauty Festival in Varna
Over 40 Bulgarian and foreign companies took part in the Health and Beauty Festival, which took place from 10 to 13 of May in the commercial and entertainment centre Mall Varna. This was the first time when such specialized fair has been organized in the Black sea city, which presented the latest products in the field of cosmetics, manufacturing and trade with organic, bio products and foods. 

One of the most commented and demanded products from the festival was zeolite, which is the mineral clinoptilolite, extracted from the Rhodope Mountains, where the purest and richest deposit of zeolit in the world is located (Rhodosorb – FARER). One of the unique properties of this mineral is that it restructures and ionizes water in a natural way, so that its consumption facilitates digestion, the release of toxins, the neutralization of free radicals and the decrease of the level of total cholesterol in the human organism. 

The availability of different types of healthy bread (Lagarde), especially the presentation of bread made of ancient wheat – spelt, also provoked great interest (BG Agro). According to nutritionists, the regular consumption of spelt bread has a miraculous effect on the immune system, regulates weight, purifies the body and even has an anti-carcinogenic effect.

100 percent natural balm, made of golden root of the Ural turned into a real hit for the older part of the guests of the fair in Mall Varna (Balsam Promed). The special oil has been very popular for over a decade on the Russian market and has proven immunity stimulating, anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect on the skin, hair, stomach and lungs. 

During each of the four days of the festival, the accompanying program of the event included a variety of lectures and demonstrations in the field of healthy nutrition, personal motivation, bioresonance diagnostic, no medication therapy, astrology and others. The presentation of the nutritionist Dr. Lyudmila Emilova provoked great interest with the topic about the principles of healthy nutrition. The most attractive events in the commercial centre for the audience were the meetings with the psychologist Elenko Angelov and his interesting recipes for personal happiness and gaining control over the power of thinking. Problems in students’ nutrition, the current food deficits and additives were the focus in the presentation of Dr. Darina Naydenova, nutrition and diet specialist and assistant professor in Medical University – Varna. The lecture of Dr. Tanya Grandeva was dedicated to one of the most commented and demanded products on the fair – spelt bread, whereas Elena Terzieva, managing director of the web site presented valuable advice on healthy cooking. 

The Health and Beauty Festival was realized with the support of Mirta Medikus, organizers of the popular national exhibition “Health Alley”. The event was supported by the Regional Health Inspectorate – Varna, which presented some of its latest campaigns – against smoking, drug abuse and a campaign aiming to decrease salt consumption, at the initiative of the Ministry of Health. 

The visitors of the exhibition participated in a special lottery with over 50 prizes, including complete recovery therapies with algae oil and subscription cards for specialized sports and simulator programs. (La Roche – Posay, SRV, Pierre Fabre ( Avene, Elancyl, Klorane), UNE Natural Beauty, Avon, Vitabor Kids Multivitamins - Borola, Abyss SPA, centre Beauty & Business, centre Orchid Professional Cosmetic Studio, Indigo SPA center, Orange Center).