Month of photography in Mall Varna

01. June 2012
Month of photography in Mall Varna
101 events, 43 locations in 6 cities! 
Month of photography in Mall Varna (1-30 June)

Legacy - Fragments from the architectural history of Varna (1-30 June)
An exhibition by architects from Varna 
Mall Varna, 3 Floor

The Project has been accomplished on the initiative and with the support of the architects – members of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, namely the Regional Chamber, Varna; the Union of the Architects in Bulgaria, and the Varna Municipality. The exhibition presents outstanding examples of the architectural heritage of the city of Varna. Along with detailed large-sized photographs, original drawings of some of the iconic architecture monuments of the city are presented as well.  The emphasis is on the green system, lavish vegetation and streets suffused in verdancy – something quite typical of Varna.

The exhibition “Inherited” was hosted by Istanbul - the Cultural Capital of Europe 2010. The Project curator was Architect Vesselin Vassilev, supported by a team of eminent Varna architects, writers and historians.

The exhibition clearly reveals the eagerness of the Varna architects to recreate the ability of the urban houses to retain sunshine and to radiate serene mood that really changes every season, however, it always keeps the Varna spirit - warm and hospitable.