Rhythm in pictures in Mall Varna

19. June 2012
Rhythm in pictures in Mall Varna
“Rhythm in pictures”
15.06 – 30.06.2012 (first floor)
An exhibition by Asen Nedyalkov and Dimo Stoyanov

“Rhythm in pictures” is an exhibition inspired by the art of dance. The authors present images of young people dancing in various places in Varna. The dance like a message is appreciated and welcomed equally well all over the world. Its language is universal and the means of expression could be understood by everyone. Any movement in the rhythm of the music expresses feelings and emotions that the photographers Asen and Dimo have transformed into a universal ambassador of youthful spirit – they exude freedom, freshness and energy.
Asen Nedyalkov, 18 years old. He is a student in the French Language School in Varna and a club member of “Friends of Europe” - Varna and The European Studies club and also has participated in the initiative “I live in Europe, but create in Bulgaria” as co-organizer. Now he is an assistant in one leading online media in Varna, event management assistant and promoter of international company. Since the beginning of 2012 he is "junior photographer" in Tilllaite Ltd.
Dimo Stoyanov is 19 years old, from Aytos. Currently he lives in Varna and studies in the University of Economics. He is a member of “Direction” - a public benefit non-profit corporation that helps young people to find their way in life and to support their development. He has organized many youth sports tournaments, various initiatives directed to the environmental protection and student projects. His next working position from 2010 till now is as a junior photographer in Tilllate Ltd.