Arena Cinema has launched an online ticket sale through its website

17. July 2012
Arena Cinema has launched an online ticket sale through its website

Cinema goers can now purchase their tickets directly through the Arena Cinema web site and take the seats of their choice in the hall, without standing in line at the cinema cash registers. Furthermore, now they don’t have to be 15 minutes early before the start of the respective film show. 

Arena Cinema is the first cinema chain in Bulgaria that has launched online ticket sale and it continues to develop services designed to facilitate cinema goers. The fast and convenient ticket purchase over the internet, or the so-called online booking, is a worldwide modern method of providing customer service. The steps are well-known for those who have already used the “online booking” service. The current service is quite similar to it and it is explained in detail on the web site.

Payment can be done with a credit or debit card. Customers can print out the electronic ticket on their printer and show it at the cinema hall entrance. Customers who do not have a printer have the following options: to write down the alphanumerical code displayed next to the electronic ticket barcode, show it at the cash register and get a ticket. Otherwise, they can open the pdf document with the electronic ticket with their smart phone and the scanning device at the cinema hall entrance will read it.

Online booking is in line with the modern dynamic lifestyle, it saves time for the busy cinema goers and is especially suitable for young people who communicate over the internet on a daily basis.