Free creative workshops for adults and kids in Mall Varna in August

01. August 2012
Free creative workshops for adults and kids in Mall Varna in August
In the midst of the summer vacation the shopping and entertainment center Mall Varna offers a variety of artistic activities, suitable for both children and adults. The handmade paper workshop is the first creative workshop that will feature a demonstration of various techniques of paper handcrafting using only natural materials. Each participant in the workshop will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to be creative without any restrictions as to shapes, colors and materials. The first workshop "DIY" will be held on August 3, from 5 pm on the third floor of Mall Varna.

On  August 17 the topic of the creative workshop in the mall will be "Drawing in Water". These types of images are achieved again with natural paints. Their elaboration requires a lot of patience and fine hand movements.

The third art workshop during the month which will be organized on August 31 jointly with the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds will be devoted to kite flying. The partnership is not accidental, but it represents the beginning of the preparation for the Festival of Kites, which will be held for the second time this year, on September 22 - 23, not far from the oldest lighthouse on the Bulgarian coast, the one at Cape Shabla. During the workshop on August 31 individual kites will be constructed, as well as a giant kite, which will be hand-painted by children. Before the festival, all kites will be displayed on a special demonstration in front of the mall. The most skillfully crafted and decorated kites will receive awards. A condition for participation in the workshop and the kite flying demonstration is that kites resemble different species of birds. Additional information on the topic will be published in the coming days on Mall Varna’s website.

All activities in the creative workshops will start at 5 pm on the third floor, near the bookstore in the shopping mall. Participation is free with advance registration at the Information desk or on site before the event. For those who want to be creative there is no age limit, only the youngest ones need to be accompanied by an adult.