Back to School with a Kite!

03. September 2012
Back to School with a Kite!
A fun show that will take place on 14th of September at 18 o’clock at the commercial center external parking lot will put a symbolic “high” start of the new school year by launching hundreds of kites in front of Mall Varna.

The best kites will be awarded in three categories: the most skilfully made kite, the most beautifully decorated kite and the most environmentally friendly kite, which should be made of recycled materials.

During the show lots of games and competitions involving movement will be organized, with a variety of prizes and surprises, provided by the shops in the commercial center. The culmination of the show will be the launching of a giant, fully hand-made and manually painted kite, which will fly together with the hundreds of children’s kites at the parking lot in front of Mall Varna.

For questions related to the preparation of the kites: The event is part of the preparation for the Kites Festival, which will take place on 22nd and 23rd of September in Shabla.