Mall Varna’s 5th anniversary celebrated with the finalists of "The Voice of Bulgaria" and a Neshka Robeva show

10. June 2013
Mall Varna’s 5th anniversary celebrated with the finalists of

On June 14 the shopping and entertainment center Mall Varna is going to mark five years since its official opening with a series of various events . On the occasion of the anniversary celebration the entire dance group of Neshka Robeva and the finalists of the popular TV show "The Voice of Bulgaria" are arriving in the city. They are going to present a special program on the outside parking lot of the mall for the Varna audience free of charge. As a warm-up to the concert a group of artists will create body painting and unique flower installations before a live audience with the support of two Varna-based galleries: Largo and Darzalas. People attending the celebrations will be given the opportunity to participate in the artistic events. The festive program starts at 6 pm on June 14.
The exotic body art show entitled "The Five Elements : Earth, Air , Water, Fire and Mall Varna" will start at 6 pm on the big festive stage. The performance will involve the popular artists from Varna Vesselin Kostadinov, Yvelin Bonev, Milen Marinov, Lilia Boneva and Tsanko Tsankov.

The art gallery Largo is the organizer of the show which is sponsored by the Varna-based company Lorca Ltd., the only Bulgarian manufacturer of specialized body paints.

Parallel with the body art show the Darzalas gallery and the artist Rossi Miladinova will organize an art workshop for young ladies at 6 pm “Like the fairies"close to the stage. Children will create garlands and bracelets made entirely of herbs and wild flowers. Free attendance!