Capella restaurant: a family leisure facility

16. October 2013
Capella restaurant: a family leisure facility

The constant problem of whom to entrust our children when we decide to go to a restaurant has already been resolved. The most recently opened complex in Mall Varna - Capella, offers the perfect entertainment option for the whole family. For the first time in the seaside capital the abundance of children's attractions and the culinary mastery of a sophisticated restaurant have been combined under the same roof. The address is the third floor of Mall Varna.

The childcare center Capella play, well-known to kids and parents, is already welcoming its young guests in a very light and airy environment, with more new games and better conditions for the celebration of even more colorful and memorable birthdays. Along with the popular trampoline and slides new entertainment facilities have been installed for kids aged from 3 to 12 years - tower climbing with braces and real shooting with guns with soft balls.

Next to the Children's Center is located a restaurant with 80 seats and a spacious terrace seating 40 people. It boasts a special design and a copyrighted menu with Italian flair. Under the direction of Chef Plamen Tupev , who has been trained at the kitchen of the Radisson hotel, the team of Capella fresh food & pizza will spoil you with a variety of fresh salads, Mediterranean specialties and tender barbecue. The spirit of Italy is not just in the atmosphere of the place - the risotto is prepared from original Arborio rice and the pizza dough is made entirely by hand from authentic Neapolitan flour delivered from the Apennines especially for the kitchen of Capella fresh food & pizza. All this food is served with selected wines from the best Bulgarian wineries and imported brands from the Old and New World. The highlight of the meal for children and adults is homemade blueberry cheesecake.

As a gesture to all guests of the shopping center the chef is willing to adapt the original recipes to the healthy eating requirements even of the youngest customers.