Day of Spiritual Leaders in Mall Varna

30. October 2013
Day of Spiritual Leaders in Mall Varna

For another year running Mall Varna will celebrate one of Bulgaria’s most revered holidays - the Day of Spiritual Leaders. On this day, which was celebrated for the first time in 1909 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria honors the work of all its educators, writers , revolutionaries and spiritual leaders. Although since 1922 November 1 has been celebrated as a national holiday of great cultural and national importance, in 1945 it was repealed and buried in obscurity until 1990, when the celebration of the Day of Spiritual Leaders was resumed on the initiative of the nationwide association "Mati Bolgaria".

In honor of all the supporters of our national Revival on November 1 at 18 pm an exhibition of 60 portraits of Bulgarian clergymen, educators, fighters for the independence of our beloved homeland and publishers, poets and writers from more recent times will be opened in Mall Varna.

The collection has been gathered as a result 5 years of arduous research into the funds of the National Library and the Archives of the Bulgarian founder of the Old Varna Museum Hadji Lambrin Sotirov. The collection will be on display in the lobby of Mall Varna until 20 November, after which it will be donated to a Varna school or community center.

On the occasion of the holiday each visitor to the shopping mall will be presented with the national flag, while the young dancers from the children's ensemble "A Bunch of Flowers" at the Slavejkov community center in Vladislav Varnenchik region will take care of the guests’ festive mood.