Table tennis in Mall Varna - championship conditions at an affordable price

04. November 2013
Table tennis in Mall Varna - championship conditions at an affordable price

In recent years more and more people have been taking up sports in an attempt to overcome the stress of everyday life and to make their lives at least a little healthier. A chance to do so without the ambition for setting world records, but in true championship conditions has been provided by Mall Varna. After two years of successful operation the Mirror club of movement  has opened also a table tennis hall.

Seven Andro Competition tables are already welcoming ping-pong lovers on the first floor of the shopping mall on an area of 350 sq. m. The hall, which is one of its kind in Varna, is equipped with professional flooring Gerflor, on which all world championships and major table tennis tournaments are played. The horizontal dimensions of the seven play fields and their height are also fully compliant with international standards. The sports center is equipped with the latest ventilation and air conditioning, which provides a continuous supply of fresh air and a constant temperature of 22 degrees in the hall. There is a locker room, bathroom, toilet and a bar, where players can refresh themselves with some coffee or soft drinks between matches.

Contrary to expectations, even amateurs can play table tennis in a professional environment at an affordable price commensurate with the lowest rates charged for this sport in Varna - 6 BGN/h per table. Moreover, the fee is due not by the hour, as is the usual practice, but it is calculated at 1 BGN per every 10 minutes. As a gesture to avid players termless subscription cards are provided that shrink the cost of the entertainment with the white or orange ball by as much as 33 %.