59 grape elixirs competed for prizes in the 2015 Dobrudzha Wine Festival

09. February 2015
59 grape elixirs competed for prizes in the 2015 Dobrudzha Wine Festival

For the third consecutive year the Dobrudzha Wine Festival gathered masters and admirers of homemade wine at the Market in Mall Varna. Hundreds of guests gathered near the fountain at the mall to sample wines produced by winemakers from Northeastern Bulgaria, enjoy the songs and dances of folk groups from Dobrich, Shabla, Durankulak, Balgarevo, Vidno,  Balchik, Zvezditsa and Botevo, see the ethnographic arrangements and taste the typical dishes of Dobrudzha, prepared by amateur enthusiasts.

In the meantime, the jury members from the Bulgarian Association of Professional Sommeliers made precise evaluations of the aroma, taste and drinkability of the 59 competing elixirs, in order to determine which were the best.

The festival ended with the handing out of awards. The award for the most authentic ethnographic arrangement, given by the organizers "Dobrudzhanska Zimnitsa", went to Nadezhda 1941 Cultural Club from the village of Vidno, and Alliance Francaise – Varna awarded the arrangement put together by Probuda 1939 Cultural Club form the district of Riltsi in Dobrich. Here are the winners in the homemade wine competition:

Category "Dobrudzha varieties":
First place – Stoycho Zahov from Shabla - white wine of the Kondel variety;
Second place – Panayot Petrov from Balgarevo – bouquet of red wine varieties;
Third place – Dimitar Ivanov from Riltsi – bouquet of red wine varieties.

Category "Non-Dobrudzha varieties":
First place – Danail Damyanov from Varna – rosé, Syrah variety;
Second place – Dimitar Velchev from Venchan – red wine, Merlot and Cabernet varieties;
Third place – again Danail Damyanov from Varna – white wine, Sauvignon Blanc variety.

The Audience Award went to Stefan Milev from Tyulenovo for his red wine, Veselin Vasilev from Varna was proclaimed "The most generous cupbearer", and the "Dobrudzhanska Zimnitsa" award was handed to Nedyalko Yordanov from Kazashko, for his wine from the Zayber and Lipa varieties.