The Royal Opera House presents “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

11. February 2015
The Royal Opera House presents “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
St. Valentine's Day will be marked by another fascinating spectacle offered by the Royal Opera House in London – the Alice in Wonderland ballet! Complex and captivating choreography, vivid scenery and memorable virtuoso performances await you on 14 February from 6 P.M. at Arena Cinema in Mall Varna.
Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, composer Joby Talbot and artist Bob Crowley have created a ballet masterpiece on motifs from Lewis Carroll's book. They tell the joyful story of Alice in Wonderland, featuring favorite characters including the Mad Hatter, the touchy White Rabbit and the treacherous Red Queen.
A ballet connoisseur will appreciate the nod to other favorite works, such as the parody of the dance of the roses from "Sleeping Beauty". However, "Alice in Wonderland" is primarily an impressive performance with breathtaking choreography and enthralling music that will immerse you in the magic of the art of dance. A superb entertainment for the whole family that will carry you in spirit to the big stage of the Royal Opera House in London.
Jump down the rabbit hole with the phenomenal soloists of the Royal ballet Sarah Lamb and Federico Bonelli and become part of Lewis Carroll's magical world!