Sunday's Ethno Market opens for the first time on May 17

13. May 2015
Sunday's Ethno Market opens for the first time on May 17

After the Saturday Farmers' Market, lovers of Bulgarian traditions will have the chance to experience the authentic spirit of the Bulgarian Northeast. Each week the Sunday Ethno Market will be the place where residents and guests of the seaside capital can get familiar with traditional crafts, special foods and recipes, and the ethnography and folklore of the municipalities in the Varna, Dobrich, Silistra and Shumen regions.

The premiere of the "mini Etar" of Varna will be this Sunday, May 17, 2015. Guests who visit the first Ethno Market will be able to see for themselves how our grandmothers made rugs, carpets and nonwovens, how a piece of wood turns into an exquisite picture or souvenir, how the traditional peasant moccasins and fur caps are made or how leather products are "engraved".

They will witness firsthand the skills of wood carvers, tanners and weavers who will bring their workshops to the Market at Mall Varna. The artisans will offer Bulgarian embroidery, pottery, cookware of ceramics and wrought iron, woven and nonwoven textiles, icons, works of leather and wood carving, "vayashki" jewels from the Avren region, moccasins and fur caps from Valchidol, and even unique bagpipes – replica of living goatlings.

Visitors will be able to taste and buy buffalo milk and buffalo meat delicacies, goat products, halva and honey, homemade wine, jams, fruit juices, nectars and sweets from local recipes. The amateur performers from the community centers in Valchi Dol and the Riltsi district in Dobrich will take care of the good mood of the visitors, and the symbolic host the first Ethno Market will be Dobrich Municipality.

The clock that will turn back time and carry us to villages and hamlets, where the old traditions are part of everyday life even today, will start ticking on May 17, and the place of this time machine is the Market of Mall Varna.