A tsunami of laughter for Mall Varna’s seventh birthday

13. June 2015
A tsunami of laughter for Mall Varna’s seventh birthday

A starry show rocked Mall Varna at its seventh birthday celebration. The premiere of "As two drops of seawater" gathered look-alikes of world celebrities like Adele, Enrique Iglesias and Jessie J, as well as the popular Bulgarian starts Milica Gladnishka, Nencho Balabanov and Zhana Bergendorff. They drowned spectators in a tsunami of laughter, lots of music and unexpected improvisations under the baton of the irresistible host Dimitar Rachkov.

As befits any great event in the country, it was Nencho Balabanov, the talented impersonator of Bulgaria’s prime minister Boyko Borisov, to open the celebration and to say the following words of praise on the occasion of the shipping center’s birthday celebration:

"If I knew what a nice shopping mall you had in Varna, I would have built the Hemus highway first. I could have talked with Dancheto Fandakova to launch a new section of the subway from Eagle Bridge to Asparuhovo bridge. And from here, across the sea, we can make a roundabout in Sochi ... "

The applause of the spectators moved the "premiere" so deeply that he mixed with the audience and gave a bunch of autographs, together with the other participants in the show, who took pictures with everyone who wanted to see themselves in a photograph with their favorite characters from the stage and the screen.