Photographers collected over BGN 3,000 to help Ivka

15. June 2015
Photographers collected over BGN 3,000 to help Ivka

"Buy yourself a photograph and help Ivka!": this was the motto of a charity auction held by one of the most famous Bulgarian photographers and the students at the Photoschool in support of 23-year-old Iveta Kabakchieva. In December 2014 the 5th-year student from the Varna Medical University suffered severely after a car accident caused by a huge hole in the road near the town of Provadia and has been since in an awake coma.

On Sunday evening the auction was held in a specially allocated area in the Mall Varna Market where bids were made for 50 artistic photographs with dimensions 60/40 cm. During the auction the starting price of BGN 10 was exceeded several times, reaching the top price of BGN 55 for a photo. A total of BGN 1307 were collected which together with the BGN 1949 collected earlier during charitable photo shoots made by Photoschool, will be handed to Ivka’s relatives for the girl’s treatment.