100-year-old costumes and unique embroidery in the Purunika shop

24. July 2015
100-year-old costumes and unique embroidery in the Purunika shop

Unique folk costumes with the label of the Varna-based company Perunika which makes the stage costumes and accessories for dozens of folk groups at home and abroad, are already part of the palette of retail outlets in Mall Varna. Any visitor can enjoy the beauty of authentic Bulgarian embroidery, which shines on shirts, aprons, vests and towels, created by the hands of modern masters.

For over 10 years the team of the company Perunika has been researching traditional clothing from all ethnographic regions in the country to preserve the surviving Bulgarian heritage and national traditions for future generations. Dressed in their costumes, professional and amateur groups have spread the fame of our folk art on the world stage, as well as in the rural community centers and ethnographic fairs, schools and kindergartens. The Varna company has made custom-made costumes for the UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain and even the US, Indonesia and Japan. Some time ago a bride from the Land of the Rising Sun ordered traditional wedding gowns for her and her future Bulgarian husband, while the family of our emigrants in Germany had tiny folk costumes made for the christening of their eight-month-old twins.

Besides ethnic costumes manufactured nowadays, the shop at the Mall Varna Market sells authentic national clothing that over a century ago was sported by Bulgarian women on the town squares of Ruse, Pleven and other towns in Thrace and Strandja mountain. The costumes are entirely hand-made featuring unique embroidery made with stitches that are finer than the finest stitches to be seen in tapestries.

Although the embroidery of the Perunika costumes nowadays is machine-made, it is still unique. At the core of each of the unique patterns is some authentic embroidery. Costumes are custom-made by individual  design, consistent with the customer’s wishes and the specific ethnographic region the costume comes from, so as to guarantee a unique appearance at fairs or on the stage.