The School in Vinitsa is the leader in the campaign "Support your school 2015"

02. October 2015
The School in Vinitsa is the leader in the campaign

The campaign "Support your school," which Mall holds traditionally at the beginning of each school year, has its 2015 winner!

Panayot Volov Primary School in the Vinitsa suburb, teaching 297 children, topped the ranking with 511 votes! The challengers in the ranking are Frédéric Joliot-Curie Fourth Language School  (500 votes) and Naiden Gerov School (122 votes).
58 schools in Varna took part in the competition by casting their votes online on a special application of Mall Varna’s Facebook page and by filling coupons at the shopping center. The winner was the school with the highest percentage of the vote obtained by the ratio between the total number of votes cast online and coupons filled in and the number of students at the school.
Varna’s most favourite school will have a double celebration: the top ranking earned them a prize of BGN 1,000 on the one hand, and on the other, pupils will be able to enjoy a specially organized party at Playground, at a time when the Panayot Volov school celebrates its 135th anniversary.

All participants who took part in the campaign with coupons also had a chance of winning awards. More than 300 of them, picked by a lot, won gifts in the lottery.