The shop for vegan and vegetarian food will offer a rich menu for the Nativity Fast

17. November 2015
The shop for vegan and vegetarian food will offer a rich menu for the Nativity Fast

The Christmas holidays are approaching again and so it is also time for the Nativity Fast. The last fasting for the year - the Nativity Fast has commenced already. This is not just one of the longest periods of fasting in the Orthodox calendar, but often a test even for the most ardent followers of traditions. The reason is simple – the question “What fasting dish shall we cook today?”, the insecurity of whether we will find the “allowed” food in the stores around our home or whether the restaurants close to the office cast a gloom on the Christmas euphoria and even make many people give up abstinence.

If you fall in the group of people with the above concerns, do not worry. There are ways to be in line with the Christian canons and to provide abundant and delicious meals suitable for the fast on your table. You can do this with the assistance of the culinary shop for vegetarians and vegans at The Market in Mall Varna. For the fans of the “plant-based” cuisine, the variety of vegan specialties: soups, main meals, salads and desserts, will be enriched with new recipes during the period of Nativity Fast: traditional ones or surprisingly exotic, but always delicious.

For those who observe the canon, the shop will offer cream soups with carrots, pumpkin, apples, broccoli and many other “unconventional” vegetables; stuffed peppers with rice and beans, but also with millet and groats; potato croquettes, as well as vegan meatballs made of carrots, groats, red lentils, chick peas and buckwheat; grilled or roasted tofu with vegetables; sauerkraut rolls with buckwheat plus unique vegan “steaks” made of oyster mushroom, salad made of French red lentils with einkorn and Russian salad with no animal products, which is the culinary shop customers’ favourite.

The variety of vegan desserts will also be greater from mid-November until Christmas. As most followers of the strict Nativity Fast admit, their greatest problem is to find “something sweet” which does not breach the canon. For those people, in addition to the traditional winter desserts like roasted pumpkin, pumpkin pie and carrot strudel, the shop will also offer stuffed pumpkin with dried fruits, nuts, apples and Turkish delight, vegan crème caramel, cake with einkorn, dried fruits and sugar icing, vegan bar with quinoa (made of carrots, raisins, dates, nuts and quinoa, covered with black chocolate), a variety of raw vegan cakes with many possible combinations of products - with bananas, dates, nuts, chia seeds, raw cocoa seeds and many more.

The culinary shop can also help in the preparation for the home dinner on Christmas Eve, only with a preliminary order (after 1 December) from the special Christmas menu of the shop.