A 3.500 kg round loaf and a pretzel with 34-centimetre hole won the first prizes during the Bread Feast

22. November 2015
A 3.500 kg round loaf and a pretzel with 34-centimetre hole won the first prizes during the Bread Feast

The Bread Feast attracted unprecedented interest among the producers and amateur chefs from the region of North-East Bulgaria. Masters from Dyulino, Izgrev, Zdravets, Levski, Kardam, Aksakovo and Dobrich presented dozens of varieties of ritual bread on Sunday, 22 November, kneaded for the different holidays on the national calendar – Easter, consecrated bread for Christmas, ritual bread for weddings, for Michaelmas, for Saint Trifon’s Day, for St. George’s Day and many other family holidays. The skilled hosts from the culinary workshop “Katini Pitki” and the children from the children’s ethnographic club “Golden Apple” in Dobrich kneaded, rolled and decorated round loaves and small loaves in front of the visitors, while the folklore groups from the community centres in the region and the performers from the National School of Humanities and Arts - Varna entertained the visitors.

The jury chaired by Ass. Prof. Lidiya Petrova - director of the Ethnographic Museum in Varna, found it extremely difficult to decide on the winners from the contests, which were also attended by foreign participants - Viktoriya Oraztsova and Tatyana Titova from the Ukrainian city of Odessa, and also by repeat participants. The meter and the scales, however, gave the final word:

The prize for the heaviest round loaf – with a weight of 3.500 kg and a diameter of 56 cm was given to the master from the Bakery at Mall Varna - Kinko Kostadinov. The pretzel with the largest hole – 34 cm, was baked by “Old Dobrich” bakery from the city of the same name. The prize for the largest bread was awarded to the harvester’s bread made by the community centre in the village of Izgrev. The winner in the contest for ritual bread was the Christmas ring-shaped bun with popcorn made by Yova Demireva from the village of Dyulino. A special prize was awarded for the Christmas ring-shaped bun made by the 92-year-old granny Stanka from the village of Levski. And the prize for the stall with the best ritual decoration was given to “Svetlina – 1927” community centre from the village of Izgrev, Suvorovo municipality.