A palette of ethnic groups brightened up the Ethnic Festival

25. January 2016
A palette of ethnic groups brightened up the Ethnic Festival

The most colorful Sunday festival gathered at the Market in Mall Varna a colourful palette of various ethnicities, whose representatives live and work in different parts of northeastern Bulgaria and Romanian Dobrogea.

The participants in the Ethnic Festival had put great effort and much love in their preparation, so as to present properly their customs, traditions, arts and local cuisine. Hundreds of guests at the ceremony applauded the virtuoso performances of the Slantse (Sun) dance group and the vocal folk group from Suvorovo, the Armenian dance group Gayane Marashlyan, the Kalinushka folk group from the village of Kazashko, the dance group Sharena Gaida (Motley Bagpipe), the carol-singers male group from the village of Komarevo near Provadia, the Turkish folk group from the village of Bozhan near Tervel, the folk group from the Turkish Cultural Society in Varna, the vocal folk group Seagull from the Romanian town of Mangalia, the fiddler Iliya Rusinov and many more individual performers.

The various ethnic groups presented culinary specialties from their traditional cuisines to the guests and earned great admiration. The visitors enjoyed the bakery products of the Jewish community Shalom: unleavened bread “matsa”, baklava “tishpishti”, and sweet pretzels “roskitas de alhashu”, which are made especially for the most joyful Jewish holiday Purim, compared the tastes of Turkish and Bulgarian cuisine, tasted typical Chinese dishes and the baked goods of the Russian ethnic group from neighboring Romania, were eager to take a bite of the Ukrainian pancakes “mlintsi” and the “vareniki” from the lands of the former Greater Bulgaria (today's Rostov region), prepared on the spot at the Market in Mall Varna.

Great interest was stirred by the stalls of  the “Varna girls” born in Japan and the US, as well as by the demonstrations in calligraphy and the ancient paper cut art, presented by the Innovation and Development Center.