New in Mall Varna: Vegan pancakes and pizzas in the culinary shop at the Market

11. October 2016
New in Mall Varna: Vegan pancakes and pizzas in the culinary shop at the Market

With the Advent approaching the culinary shop for vegetarians and vegans has once again prepared a nice surprise for fans of healthy eating. In October the shop expanded not only its area, but also the assortment of specialties of vegetable origin that it offers to its numerous customers.

In the newest part of the outlet at the Mall Varna Market customers can now try vegan and vegetarian pizzas made with white, wholegrain and even gluten-free flours, buckwheat, rice, chick peas or corn. Besides vegetables, pizzas are topped with vegan cheese, tofu, basil or oregano.

Another temptation for vegans are the pancakes from wholemeal and gluten-free flours. They do not contain eggs but have an impressive 40 cm diameter! The pancakes are made in front of the client, and the filling can include chocolate, jam or cheese for vegetarians. Sandwiches with wholemeal bread made with yeast are also prepared on the spot.

A novelty in the assortment are also the crispy patties sprinkled with seeds and stuffed with spinach, cheese or vegetables, as well as the kishes - shortbread with vegetable oils and various fillings: cheese, blue cheese, cream and mozzarella for vegetarians or just vegetables, tofu and vegan cheese for people who do not consume animal products.

A compliment from the restaurant to visitors to the new stand are some free additions to your lunch:  salad to the lunch dishes and cream roses to go with all sweets, plus a cup of hot herbal tea.