Two automatic courier stations started operating in Mall Varna

25. October 2016
Two automatic courier stations started operating in Mall Varna

The newest service of courier companies, allowing parcels to be sent and received at any time of the day without calling the courier or waiting in line at the office, has recently been made available for the Varna residents. Two Automatic Post Stations (APS) are already open in Mall Varna on floor minus 1 and on the open-air car park at the shopping mall.

The smart couriers of the companies Speedy and Econt accept parcels of up to 20 kg nonstop, serving customers in a minute and ensuring parking spaces at all times. Though different, the "machines" of both companies are easy to use and offer detailed instructions.

To receive a parcel from the APS on floor minus 1, it is necessary to enter its number on the touch screen of the station, and then take the package from the cell which will open. For now, it is only possible to receive parcels at the station, but by the end of the year sending parcels from the station will also be an option. Customers can choose the sizes of the packages, the smallest being XS, and the largest - L.  Payment for services as well as cash on delivery is done with debit or credit cards.

When sending a parcel at the station in the open-air car park a label that is prepared in advance or printed on the spot is stuck on the package before placing it in the cell. To receive a parcel, two PIN codes are entered or a QR code is scanned.

Besides saving time, an added bonus for the customers of the new couriers are the various discounts in the cost of services compared to the standard rates of the two companies.