The Farmers’ Market at Mall Varna is getting ever greener

28. December 2016
The Farmers’ Market at Mall Varna is getting ever greener

Miracles happen not only at Christmas. During the coming 2017 the organic foods  producers from the area will phase out the use of plastic bags and will make the Farmers’ Market at Mall Varna the first plastic-bag-free market in Bulgaria.

The launch of this initiative will be in the beginning of January when all PVC bags with handles will be removed from the market, while all other plastic bags will gradually be replaced with paper ones, which will be sold at their factory price, without as markup. Another option for the customers will be to borrow a cloth bag from the farmers or to bring their own reusable bag for their purchases.

Farmers have calculated that for the last 12 months about 20 000 plastic bags have been used only on their small market! Each of those bags will remain on our planet for about 1000 years before decomposing!

This is what prompted the organisers of the market to start the campaign Life Without Plastics. They are planning to get rid of all plastic plates, bottles and yoghurt cups by the end of next year and to take another step towards their goal – a cleaner and greener life!