An European off-road champion won the title Varna’s №1 Motorist

30. January 2017
An European off-road champion won the title Varna’s №1 Motorist

The first Bulgarian to become a European Baja off-road champion, Nikolay Gochev, was named Varna’s Motorist №1 for 2016. The pilot who triumphed as a winner in the off-road championship of the continent, was honored with the prestigious Cup at a ceremony held in Mall Varna.

The traditional ceremony of the annual automotive awards "Varna" on Sunday night gathered for the 13th time sports people, journalists and motorsport fans. Dozens of steering wheel and high speeds champions, the winners of the retro rally championship, off-road drivers and veterans received trophies and certificates for their achievements by the organizers of the annual ranking: Neptune Motorsport, Auto Moto Retro Club - Varna, the union of Bulgarian Motorists and Varna Municipality.

"The Sea Capital sees off a year that was very successful for the motorsport," commented the host of the ceremony and organizer of the event Orlin Penev. He mentioned that the 2016 winner Nikolay Gochev is considering to enroll in the off-road world championship in 2017. Traditionally, many of the winning champions came to the ceremony with their children, who were the ones to enjoy the most the awards of the 13th annual automotive awards "Varna 2016".