Over 100 wines from 7 wine cellars at the Feast of Love and Wine

12. February 2017
Over 100 wines from 7 wine cellars at the Feast of Love and Wine

Varna people who joined the Feast of Love and Wine in Mall Varna, organized jointly with the Bulgarian Association of Sommeliers and Connoiseurs had the chance to taste more than 100 types of wines produced in wineries across Bulgaria.

On Saturday the Mall Varna Market presented the best products of wineries from Thrace and the Rose Valley, the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains and the North Coast, Dobrogea and Ruse Lom: Minkov Brothers, Edoardo Miroglio, Chateau Copsa, Villa Justyna , Varna , Alvina Winery and Nisovo, as well as wines from all over the world from the collection of the cosmopolitan shop “About Wine".

Besides the wines, visitors applauded heartily also the exotic cocktails prepared by the bartenders from the Cheers bar. The biggest hit was a mix of cognac, liqueur, dry white wine, pears syrup and fresh lemon called Love is in the air, which the shaker masters fixes in front of the guests at the feast. The beverages were accompanied by exquisite catering, and the spirits of the crowd were further lifted by the live performances of the musicians from the La Migra band.

The holiday spirit at the Mall Varna Market will continue until Valentine's Day with some unique objects from the Valentine’s edition of the Art bazaar, where everyone will be able to select an original gift for their loved ones.