Colour and Action of the Spring Moto Fest 2017

29. April 2017
Colour and Action of the Spring Moto Fest 2017
Mall Varna EAD gathered this year again the fans of high speeds and racing with the wind at a spring moto fest. On the last Saturday of April, the open-air parking lot of the shopping centre boiled with adrenaline after fans of motorcycles and high speeds from over 10 moto formations from Northeastern Bulgaria “occupied” the area of the complex, traditionally organized by “Divi” Moto Club.

Hundreds of residents and visitors of the city admired for hours the powerful motorcycles, applauded the virtuoso skills of the stuntmen from the Extreme Attack Team “dancing” on two wheels, competed for awards in the games with the audience and enjoyed the performance of the rock musicians from the Wild Children Band and the Power Jump Club stilt jumpers. The biggest surprise, however, was for the young moto fiesta guests who had the chance to become part of a colourful and spectacular flashmob with the Holli Like dyes.

And, as befits a real moto fest, it was amply garnished with high decibels, adrenaline, and, of course, beer.