Health and Beauty Festival 2017 – a sip of harmony for the senses and the spirit

11. May 2017
Health and Beauty Festival 2017 – a sip of harmony for the senses and the spirit
It is May again and it is time again for the Health and Beauty Festival at Mall Varna EAD! From 12 to 14 May, the shopping centre will become for the sixth consecutive time the venue of the ancient traditions and the latest innovative trends in cosmetics and natural medicine. For three days Bulgarian and foreign companies will present to the guests of the city a broad range of products and services with the help of which everyone can find the formula for a healthier, harmonious and happy life.

The exhibition will present the latest products and series of the therapeutic, natural and decorative cosmetics of established Bulgarian and world famous brands, beauty products based on ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Altai recipes, healthy nutritional supplements and many other surprises related to health, beauty and the comfort in everyday life. The guests of the festival will be able to get acquainted with alternative holistic therapies, to undergo free procedures in a salt capsule – saltarum, to try the massages and relaxing procedures that will be provided on the spot by specialists from Zdravets Medical Centre of Sanatorium Complex Kamchia. Against a symbolic fee, every visitor will be able to get a “picture” of his aura and an analysis of his emotional and energy state.

As usual, there will be a colourful and “stellar” gathering of medics, healthy eating experts and communication psychology experts who will join the specialized module of lectures that traditionally accompanies the Health and Beauty Festival. This year, an official partner of the event is Varna Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”.

Doctor Ognyan Pelov and the TV producer Alexandra Ivanova who managed to drop 42 kg for 9 months by following his holistic weight loss system will come to the sea capital to participate in the sixth edition of the festival. Doctor Vasilka Yurukova, a homeopath and Schuessler therapist of international renown, will draw the attention of the listeners to the following topics: “How to diagnose and treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections with the help of homeopathy, dietary supplements and diet” and “Schuessler salts for beauty and youth – fighting wrinkles, cellulite and promoting normal weight”. Associate Professor Hristo Hinkov, Director of the National Centre for Public Health and Analyses, will reveal the relationship between stress and traffic accidents, and the Bulgarian Louise Hay – Tsenka Mestanska, this year will diagnose also the aura along with the therapeutic practice of the Technique of Emotional Freedom (TEE).

Veselin Stankov – a biologist, a lecturer and a consultant at the medical centre of Doctor Lyudmila Emilova – will also participate in the Health and Beauty Festival and will explain what “living” food is and will show the audience how we can prepare it ourselves. Traditionally, a guest lecturer of the forum will be the natural medicine guru Professor Hristo Mermerski, who will engage the attention of the audience with the “Natural pharmacy for ailments where traditional medicine is helpless”.
The three days of the event will include contests for make-up, hairstyle and ‘Spring Retro Chic’ manicure with the participation of some of the most prominent professionals from Varna and the region! Many presentations and demonstrations have been organized for the visitors of the festival and the companies participating in the exhibition have prepared special discounts and very attractive prizes for them.