The traditional Baby marathon 2017

01. June 2017
The traditional Baby marathon 2017
The Baby Marathon on the occasion of the Children’s Day, featuring a crawling contest and a race with baby walkers for kids aged up to 15 months, was once again the first entertainment event on the First of June at the shopping and entertainment center Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД). This year, the Baby Marathon resembled a “crowded race”, as there were close to 40 kids participating, together with their mothers, who always enjoy these events on a par with their children, along with the many dads present.

The rules stipulated that parents could aid their little athletes, by directing them verbally or tempting them with toys and treats, to make them move faster. All children in the fun race received gifts, provided courteously by Hippoland. A wonderful strawberry cake, specially made for the event by the Ola Taste of Med Bistro, was presented to the family with the fastest athlete, i.e., the first child to reach the final stretch during the last stage of the marathon.