Santa Claus started his tour from Mall Varna again

02. December 2017
Santa Claus started his tour from Mall Varna again
Again in 2017, Santa Claus kept up the tradition of giving an attractive start to his holiday tour of the seaside at Mall Varna EAD. Despite his old age, the children's favorite came down from the roof of the shopping center with a sack full of presents.

Hundreds of children had gathered on the night of December 1 for the Grand Welcoming of Santa Claus in whose honor the young artists from the Peter Pan formation presented the theatre miniature Letter to Santa Claus by the glittering Christmas tree, while the talented performers from the Silver Bells vocal ensemble and the Viva Dance modern ballet of the Municipal Children's Complex sang and danced.

The enthusiastic audience of the show took part in the amusing games by the Christmas tree and deservedly won awards from Denix, Carnival Kids, Cantonata Pizzeria and Varna Telecommunication Center. At the end of the celebration, Santa Claus gave gifts to all the kids - Bozhentsi sweets and fruit milk.

Santa Claus is going to stay in Mall Varna EAD until the end of the year, so that all children can take a photo with him. Along with Santa Claus there will be the special box in which the kids can put their letter to the much-loved old man with an order for the dream present.