A queue for autographs and a selfie with Emil Conrad

13. November 2017
A queue for autographs and a selfie with Emil Conrad
Dozens of enthusiastic fans of the most popular Bulgarian vlogger Emil Conrad occupied Mall Varna on Sunday to take pictures with him and get an autograph on his latest offline edition, Silvi’s  Book.

The queue that wound in the central lobby of the shopping mall did not end for more than two hours, while the teen idol from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter was tirelessly giving autographs and smiles for his fan’s photos, some of whom had traveled for tens of kilometers accompanied by their parents, especially for the Varna premiere of Silvi’s Book.

In spite of the waiting, after the end of the event everyone was pleased: the parents, because their children read books in the Internet era, and the boys and girls, because they could upload their pictures with Emil Conrad in real time.

The Orange Bookstore also had a surprise for the vlogger's fans. They had arranged a stand at the scene of the event, where everyone could buy Silvi’s Book or complete their collection with one of the other works of the popular young author.