Ballet on hoverboard and a "snowy whirlwind" enchanted the guests of Rozhdestvenskie Vstrechi (Christmas Gatherings)

14. January 2018
Ballet on hoverboard and a
This winter again, fans of Russian culture and traditions gathered around the fountain of Mall Varna Market to celebrate together the old-calendar New Year's Eve.

The traditional Christmas party "Rozhdestvenskie vsrechi" immersed viewers in a fabulous atmosphere created by the characters from the most popular Christmas production, The Nutcracker - exquisite ballerinas, beauties from the Russian folk tales and the powerful voice of a true hero warrior, Lev Karavan.

The students from the Prestige School of Vocal and Choreographic Arts and the Russian ballet school My Angel gave an attractive performance in which classic ballet and unforgettable Russian romances were interwoven in a unique way. The audience also witnessed a singular spectacle - a ballet dance on a hoverboard, and in the end all people present at the party were attacked by a "whirlwind of snowballs", which was a surprise by the participants in the show for all the guests of "Rozhdestvenki Vstrechi".

In the spirit of the Nativity traditions was also the festive table laden with vodka, salted herring and traditional delicacies from Russian national cuisine.