The new concept of the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD

14. March 2018
The new concept of the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD
In the beginning of 2018, Mall Varna embarked on a repositioning process concerning the shopping center. This process will include a shift in its overall concept in terms of its tenant mix, key tenants, the way commercial areas are organized, target customers, events and activities, opportunities for shopping, entertainment, and additional services. There are plans to modernize the shopping center’s interior and façade.

The mall will continue to welcome its customers during the implementation of the architectural ameliorations. Repairs will be performed in stages, without interrupting the ordinary activities of the site and the comfort of our customers. The end result is aimed at space optimization, even greater convenience in the shopping process, and a unique atmosphere for the visitors.

Consultants from Colliers International will work on the mall’s tenant mix. Having long-standing expertise in the field, they will assist in the development of a contemporary tenant mix and in the selection and negotiations with the brands, which will be presented at the mall.

Built in 2008, the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD is amongst the most visited shopping and entertainment spots in Varna and the region. It has a strategic  location in the city – namely, on Vladislav Varnenchik Boulevard, in a well-developed commercial region, including the Kaufland Superstore. It is comfortably accessible through the city transportation services, as well as driving or walking. The current rentable area of the site is 31 000 square meters. The building has one floor that consists of office spaces, and four floors that consist of commercial areas, which will be transformed and modernized according to the company’s new concept.