The winners in the “My Planet” Contest are now known

27. April 2018
The winners in the “My Planet” Contest are now known
We now know the names of the six winners in the “My Planet” Contest, organized by the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD, with the support of the Municipality of Varna. More than 500 children from dozens of schools in Varna and art schools joined the competition, recreating in their drawings their favorite corner of the Earth, nature’s beauty or the dangers that threaten nature.

The jury was chaired by Vanya Markova, owner of the Art Marconi art gallery, and additionally consisted of the following members: Vera Stoykova, Director of the State Puppet Theater – Varna, and Diana Tsolevska, actress at the Puppet Theater. They all held the same opinion, namely that all young artists had been perfect in their work. The jury members put in a lot of effort to determine the best works in the two age groups. The names of the winners are, as follows:

Age group from 6 to 10 years old
First place: Ralitsa Tomovska, 9 years old
Second place: Sofiya Sergievna, 9 years old
Third place: Kalina Surova, 6 years old

Age group from 7 to 15 years old
First place: Aleksandra Kacheva, 13 years old
Second place: Siyana Vasileva, 15 years old
Third place: Martin Todorov, 11 years old

Those who finished in the first, second, and third place, will receive a diploma and a gift card for shopping, worth respectively 100, 75, and 50 leva.

The special award from the Art Marconi art gallery, a watercolor painting by Petar Andreev, will honor Denitsa Uzunova, who is 11 years old. More than 100 young artists will also get consolation awards, and all participants in the contest will get diplomas for their performance.