An Eight-Years-Old Break Dancer Won the Applauses at the “Mini Miss and Mini Mister – 2018” Contest

26. August 2018
An Eight-Years-Old Break Dancer Won the Applauses at the “Mini Miss and Mini Mister – 2018” Contest
During the last Sunday of August, dozens of kids coming from all parts of Northeastern Bulgaria took the stage at the “Mini Miss and Mini Mister” Talent Contest. Through it, actress Iliyana Baliyska gives each year mini misses and mini misters, aged between 3 and 12 years, the chance to appear on stage.

For more than three hours, guests attending the regional contest were regaled with the songs, verses, dances, and virtuoso gymnastic performances of the young talents. This contest was held for the 9th time at the Shopping and Entertainment Center Mall Varna EAD.

The playful show provided awards for all of its participants, and the battle for the first places was highly contested and intense. In the first age group, from 3 to 6 years, Viktoriya Minkova won the applauses of the spectators and the “Mini Miss” title, thanks to her resounding voice. Kristo Penev, also hailing from Varna, became Mini Mister. This little charming man, who was barely 4-and-a-half years old, captivated the guests with his artistic recital.

In the age group of 7-12 years, the show team members and the public gave their applause to 10-years-old Teodora Slavova from Varna, who was chosen as Mini Miss. She performed masterfully one of the most difficult Bulgarian folk songs.

Everyone was enamored of Viktor Hristov from Dobrich, who impressed the audience with his masterful presentation of acrobatic break dancing. The tradition held that there be a Mini Miss Foreigner as well, and this year the title adorned 10-years-old gymnast Kristina Bifl from Freiburg, Germany.

The race in Varna was only part of the national tour of the talent contest, and Varna’s award-winners will participate on the 20th Anniversary National TV Contest “Mini Miss and Mini Mister – Little Big Talents” stage during the fall in Sofia.

To honor the Anniversary, actress Iliyana Baliyska organized for the first time a contest for the relatives of the little talents. With good mood, parents and grandparents competed for the titles Golden Mommy, Golden Daddy, and Golden Grandma.